You are invited to participate in the Bull Run Invitational Cross Country Meet and the Reunion Run Open Race on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at Hereford High School, site of the annual Maryland State Cross Country Championships and the original Hereford Invitational. 


SANCTION:              MPSSAA for Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware,

Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia,


DATE:                                    Saturday, September 26, 2009.


COURSE:                  3.0 miles.  Site of the Maryland State Cross Country Champ-

                                    ionships.  Grass and dirt trails with rolling hills and two chal-

                                    lenging trips into the Dip.  Spikes permitted.  Map attached.


DEADLINE:              Entry form, completed roster and check must be received no later than Friday, September 11.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

$50 late fee if all information and check is not received by 9/11.  Entry limited to 110 schools.  


ENTRY FEES:          $60 Boys Team – 7 Varsity, unlimited JV.

                                    $60 Girls Team – 7 Varsity, unlimited JV.

                                    $100 for Girls + Boys teams.  Schools must enter a varsity

                                    team in order to enter JV events.  Nonscoring varsity teams

                                    (fewer than 5 runners) may compete for individual awards. 

                                    1 runner – $30, 2 – $35, 3 – $40, 4 – $45.


MAIL TO:                    Hereford High School                                 410-887-1910

                                    Attn:  Mike Kalisz, Athletic Director           410-887-1944 FAX

                                    17301 York Road                                         mkalisz@bcps.org

                                    Parkton, Maryland  21120


ENTRY INFO:           Each school may enter one boys and one girls varsity team

                                    with a maximum of 7 runners each.  JV races are open to all

                                    other members of your team.  For example, if your boys

                                    team has 20 runners, 13 may run in the JV race.  JV races

                                    will not be scored.  Coaches are responsible for their JV

                                    runners' times & are allowed on the course during JV races. 

                                    Coaches are not allowed on the course in the finish area

                                    during varsity races. 

AWARDS:                 Varsity – Individual awards to the top 15 finishers. 

                                    Numbered ribbons to places 16-100, and participant ribbons

                                    to all finishers thereafter.  Team awards to the first 3 teams. 

                                    JV – Medals to the top 5 finishers and participant ribbons to

every finisher thereafter. 




DIRECTIONS:          Interstate 83 to Exit 27, travel east on Mt. Carmel Road (Rte.

                                    138) 0.5 mile to York Road.  Left on York Road (north). 

                                    Hereford High School is 0.5 mile on right.


CONCESSIONS:     Quality food and beverages are sold throughout the day. 

                                    Concessions are provided by the Hereford High School

                                    Sports Boosters Club.


MEDICAL INFO:       Hereford Physical Therapy is providing certified athletic

Trainers and EMT’s for the meet.  We have medical stations at the finish line and in a classroom adjacent to the course.  This is the same medical coverage we have at the Maryland State Cross Country Championships. 


LITTER:                      Bring trash bags to keep your area clean. 


REST ROOMS:        Rest rooms are available near the gymnasium.  Portable

                                    toilets are in the spectator's area.


COURSE WALKS:  Course walks are held at 8:00 AM and 12:50 PM


T-SHIRTS:                 Custom-designed, long-sleeve T-shirts are available for

                                    purchase.  These four-color shirts sell out quickly, so take

                                    advantage of the enclosed order form to receive a discount

                                    and to reserve your shirts. 


                                    Long-sleeve T-shirt – $20.00


                                    All runners competing in the Reunion Run Open Race will

                                    receive a T-shirt as part of their entry fee.


BAD WEATHER:     We will make every attempt to run rain or shine on 9/26. 

If postponed, we will reschedule to Saturday, October 10th.


ELITE RACES:         Boys and girls varsity teams interested in a very competitive

                                    event may run in elite races regardless of their school's

                                    enrollment.  Please indicate your interest in competing in

                                    elite races on the entry form.  


LARGE, MEDIUM,   In addition to the elite races, we offer large, medium, and

SMALL RACES:       small school divisions based on enrollment.  We will send

                                    coaches a schedule by September 18.  Please provide a

                                    carefully-printed e-mail address if you haven't already.




OPEN RACE:           The Hereford Bull Run Invitational also hosts the Reunion

                                    Run for adults and children in 8th grade or younger.  We

                                    encourage course alumni for the 37 years of the Maryland

                                    State Cross Country Championships and the Hereford

                                    Invitational, active and former coaches, parents, and others

                                    to register.  This race is for men and women and is run on

                                    the Bull Run Invitational 3-mile course at 12:30.  The

                                    registration form for this race is attached.  $18 Reunion Run

                                    fee if received by September 18.  $20 on race day. 

                                    Volunteers and officials may run for free.


RESULTS:                Robert Hall's firm WMD BTI will post varsity results shortly

                                    after each race.  Results will be posted on the web site

                                    http://www.tristaterunnur.com and http://runningmaryland.com during                                                  

                                                                          the  weekend. 




7:30 A.M.   Team registration begins by tree near water tower (gym lobby if


8:00           Course walk for Large school and Elite races.  Meet at start line.

8:15           Coaches meeting (Large school and Elite races).  Gym activity room.

9:00           Boys Large & Elite JV/Open

9:35           Boys Large Varsity

10:05         Girls Large Varsity

10:35         Girls Large & Elite JV/Open

11:05         Awards presentation for Large schools on hillside by backstop.

11:10         Boys Varsity Elite

11:40         Girls Varsity Elite

12:30 P.M. Reunion Run

12:40         Awards presentation for Elite races on hillside by backstop.

12:50         Course walk for Small & Medium schools.  Meet at the start line.

1:05           Coaches meeting (Small & Medium schools).  Gym activity room.

1:55           Boys Small/Medium JV/Open

2:30           Boys Medium Varsity

3:00           Girls Medium Varsity

3:30           Boys Small Varsity

4:00           Girls Small Varsity

4:10           Awards presentation for Medium schools on hillside by backstop.

4:30           Girls Small/Medium JV/Open

4:50           Awards presentation for Small schools on hillside by backstop.





All official entries must be signed by the coach, athletic director, and principal to be valid.  This form will certify the eligibility of each entrant and school enrollment.  Complete the ENTIRE form or entry will be rejected.  ALL REQUESTED  INFORMATION IS REQUIRED!




School address                                                                                            ZIP                 


School telephone number                                           School fax number                             


Boy's coach                                                               Coach's number                            


Girl's coach                                                                Coach's number     ______          


School enrollment           (Must complete) My school is: All male       All female      


Principal's signature                                                                                                          

            I am certifying that the enrollment numbers listed above are accurate

Athletic director's signature                                                  E-mail                                 


Boy's coach signature                                                          E-mail                                 


Girl's coach's signature                                                        E-mail                                 


We will compete in the ELITE Varsity Race for:                      Boys                 Girls


Entry fees:     $100 – Boys and girls teams (varsity and unlimited JV)

                        $60 – Single team entry (varsity and unlimited JV)

                        $30 – One runner, $35 – Two, $40 – Three, $45 – Four


Varsity team:  Boys ($60)                 Girls ($60)                  Co-ed ($100)           


Individual:   Male entries  1 ($30)               2 ($35)            3 ($40)            4 ($45)          

                    Female entries  1 ($30)            2 ($35)            3 ($40)            4 ($45)          


Junior varsity (unlimited, no fee) # of male entries ____ # of female entries         


MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO:      Hereford High School

                                                            17301 York Road

                                                            Parkton, Maryland  21120

                                                            Attn. Mike Kalisz





1.  Schools must have runners in a varsity race in order to enter JV races. 


2.  Coaches are responsible for their runners before, during, and after their race. 


3.  Coaches must have their runners at the starting line 15 minutes prior to their



4.  Large, medium and small race divisions are based on student enrollment. 

     The enrollment section of the official entry form must be certified by the

     school principal. 


5.  All information requested on the official entry form must be completed

     or the entry will be rejected.  Be sure to include coach's e-mail address,

     school's fax number, required signatures, enrollment numbers, and number of

     entries for all races, including JV races.  Entry form and payment are due

     by September 11, 2009.  Do not mail an incomplete package.  Include

     check.  Entry is limited to the first 110 teams with complete information.


     A $50 late fee will apply to any school allowed to participate that did not

     meet the 9/11 deadline requirements. (Completed entry, roster and fees)


6.  Indicate if you will be competing in elite varsity races.  Elite races differ from

      enrollment-based varsity races. 


7.  Please don't forget to include the participant entry form that lists the names

     of all varsity runners.  We need this information for the computer program that

     will score this meet.  Please mail it along with your official entry form.  You

     may make substitutions on race day. 


8.  We will confirm all teams of their race divisions and schedule no later

     than September 18, 2009 by e-mail (preferred) or fax.  PLEASE LIST




9.  Course map is included. 


QUESTIONS:            Please contact race directors: 

                                    Mike Kalisz                            John Roemer IV

                                    410-887-1910                       e-mail:  roemeriv@juno.com

                                    410-887-1944  Fax







– Mail this with entry form –


SCHOOL NAME                                                                 


                      COACH’S EMAIL____________________________


Names of varsity participants.  Please type or print very neatly. 


Boys                                                              Girls


1.                                                                     1.                                                        


2.                                                                     2.                                                        


3.                                                                     3.                                                        


4.                                                                     4.                                                        


5.                                                                     5.                                                        


6.                                                                     6.                                                        


7.                                                                     7.                                                        



Substitutions may be made on race day at the coaches meeting. 



The Hereford Bull Run Invitational  Presents The


Reunion Run


An All-Comers 3 mile Cross Country Race

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Cross Country at Hereford High School


Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 12:30 p.m.


T-shirt to all entrants.

            Bull Run Invitational entrants are ineligible.  Parents, coaches, and all other

            runners may participate. 


Directions to Hereford High School in Parkton, Maryland:  From Interstate 83, Exit 27,

            go east on Mt. Carmel Road 0.5 mile to York Road light.  Travel north (left turn)

            0.5 mile to school on right. 


Description:  3.0 miles at site of Maryland State Cross Country Championships.  Grass

            and dirt paths with 2 challenging trips into the Dip.  This race will be held

            during the Bull Run Invitational for high school athletes.  110 schools will attend,

            so there will be many spectators.  Arrive early  to familiarize yourself with the



Registration and entry fees:  $18 if received by 18  September.  $20 Race-day registration & packet pick-up until 12:00 at T-shirt table. 

            Make checks payable to Bull Run Invitational and send to:


Hereford High School

c/o Mike Kalisz

17301 York Road

Parkton  MD  21120


E-mail inquiries:  John Roemer IV -- roemeriv@juno.com

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PRINT NEATLY

Last Name                                                         First Name                                                  

Address                                                                                             Phone #                        

Age on race day                         Circle:   Male   Female  Circle T-shirt size:  S   M   L   XL

If High School Cross Country Coach:  School                                                 Years            

If Invitational/MD HS Cross Country Alumnus:  School                                  Years            


In consideration of your acceptance of this entry, I, the undersigned, intending to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release all rights and claims for damages I may have against Hereford High School, Baltimore County Public Schools, the race directors and any other sponsors and their representatives, successors and assigns for any and all injuries suffered by me in this event, even if such injuries result from the negligence of any of the above named groups or entities.  I represent that I understand that physical training is required in order to reduce the risk of injury and I represent that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained for the completion of this event.