Prefer Work Tops from Maia For Your Kitchen in Place of Natural Stone

There is another low priced option for worktops that are available from Maia, which is also an excellent alternate to any natural stone worktops. In addition to that it has much better resistance to heat and available in many different styles and finish.

What is Maia?

These maia worktops are created out of number of finest materials. Its constituents are typically acrylic resins, 67% of aluminium hydroxide and colour pigments.  With such combination using various high technologies, you can get an ideal material for work surfaces. It has appearance which is quite similar to any natural stones available in the market yet with much higher resistance to heat and virtually invisible joints. Due to their smooth finish, it is an ideal choice for kitchen worktops in any household.

What are the special features of Maia worktop?

3maia worktops

Followings are few special features about Maia worktop.

  • Much easier to install in kitchen of any size.
  • No need to re-sand after its installation of the worktop however near the joint and edges re-sanding will make much better finish.
  • You can get curved end if you prefer at the corner of the worktop of the kitchen.
  • Available for any size requirement in order to accommodate kitchen of smaller size or large kitchens
  • Sink modules are also available with drainer cut out for sinks so that the worktops can be matched with wash basins too.
  • Matching splash backs, plinths and up-stands with the worktop.