Cheap and Good Low Input Lag Gaming Monitors

Often the gamers talk about1440p, 144 Hz, 4k and other updated featured required to play smoothly in any gaming monitor. Undoubtedly these gaming monitors are fabulous but the point of consideration is that if the gamer is unable to execute the updated titles in best favorable settings which are above 60 FPS in 1080p, and then what is the requirement of paying such high price to get these gaming monitors which are not compatible with the recent technologies.

So if you fully agree with this point and want to figure which gaming monitor is best, then I would suggest that you should go with the monitor which has low input lag, if you love to play twitch-sensitive games or you are a first-person shooter gamer.

The following are some of the cheap and good low input lag gaming monitors:-

Asus VS239H-P IPS- cost $130

If you want to go for a gaming monitor which has better accuracy of color and viewing angles then just grab Asus VS239H-P. The monitor itself looks smart and it can be connected through HDMI, DVI and Analog. It also utilizes standard 100x100mm VESA wall mounting holes.

The only drawback of this gaming monitor is that the stand of this monitor is unstable. If you were using TN panel and suddenly you start to use IPS panel then you might face some issues but Asus VS239H-P will never disappoint you in this aspect.

Asus VS238H-P- cost $116

Monitor for Gaming

This particulargaming monitor is used by all the gamingparlors and you will be surprised to know that people have no complaints regarding it. Asusmonitor are famous for being responsive and this monitor fully does justice with this attribute.

It is designed fantastically in a compact size which allows you to place a couple of these small monitors side by side with the use of the VESA mounting holes; it becomes easy to place this on a mount board or on the wall.

The picture quality delivered by this gaming monitor is best what one can expect in this price range. Asus VS238H-P includes Asus’ Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, which permits for various modes which encompasses the game mode for maximum responsiveness. Thisgaming monitor can be connected by a HDMI, VGA, and DVI-D port.

Acer G236HL- cost $110

Acer G236HL is the cheapest gaming monitors with all the updated features such as it has a 23-Inch LED screen and it is designed beautifully, the bezel is thin to the level which is perfect.

The pictures delivered by it is clear and sharp but when compared with other monitors of the same range the picture portrayed are a bit colorless. The viewing angles are fine but have no parity with the IPS display.

The size of the screen of this gaming monitors under 150 dollars and measure 24 inch only.

BenQ GW2255- cost $179

BenQ manufactures the gaming monitors which are mostly high in price because the quality and responsiveness of this gaming monitor is excellent. If you want to grab a Ben Q monitor in an affordable price then you can surely opt for BenQ GW2255.

The screen size is as small as 21.5″but there are many features of this monitor which you should be aware of. The foremost important aspect is the picture quality provided by this monitor is best in this list. Regarding the contrast, viewing angle and the color accuracy you will be getting the quality which is delivered by TN panel monitor. Icing on the cake is that this gaming monitor comes with VESA mounting holes.